Death House - Village of Barovia

Death House is the name given to an old row house in the village of Barovia.

The home has a dark history (the owners were suspected of conducting dark rituals, kidnapping and torturing unsuspecting travelers) and residents will typically avoid walking past it. Most Barovians believe the home is haunted.


  • The spirits of Rose and Thorn, children of the owners, haunted the home before our brave adventurers laid their bones to rest.
  • A mysterious letter addressed to the patriarch from Strahd was found inside a secret room within the library.
  • The house contains a dungeon basement haunted by ghouls, shadows, and more… Ominous chanting can be heard across its walls.
  • The adventurers were able to put the spirits to rest, and appeased the cult "shadows" with a blood sacrificed, allowing them to escaped the building unharmed.

Death House - Village of Barovia

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