Rudolph van Richten



“Rictavio” was a false identity adopted by the legendary vampire hunter Rudolph van Richten.


  • Is is possession of the Sunsword
  • Wants to “destroy the devil Strahd” and his Vistani Servants
  • Asks group for help attacking Vistani encampment in exchange for information on nearby Werewolf den (Bladehelm quest)
  • Resides within a tower east of Vallaki

As “Rictavio”

The lone guest of the Blue Water Inn in Vallaki. A colorfully dressed half-elf bard who regales tavern patrons with stories so outrageous as to be hardly believable, yet he asserts they are true indeed.

Rictavio claims to be a carnival ringmaster from a distant land. He’s been staying at the inn for almost a month, taking advantage of Urwin Martikov’s generosity and good nature. When he arrived, he was accompanied by a monkey named Piccolo. The monkey wasn’t welcome at the inn, so Rictavio gave it to the local toymaker Blinsky.

Rictavio admits to having no musical talent but manages to entertain locals nonetheless with his stories of faraway places.

Rudolph van Richten

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