Rose & Thorn



Rose is a ten-year-old girl with short dark hair. Thorn is her younger seven-year-old brother.


Rose (Rosavalda) and her younger brother Thorn (Thornbolt) are the children of Gustav and Elisabeth Durst. They reside in the Village of Barovia in a large and infamous row house known as Death House.

They first encounter the adventurers when the children are seen standing alone in the streets of town with Rose trying to calm down her brother Thorn. The adventurers approach the children and ask what is the matter. Rose tells the adventurers that there is a monster in the basement of their home, trapped by their parents, and a baby in the third floor. They fear the house and refuse to enter it unless the monster is gone.

After investigating the house, the group discovers that the children have actually been dead for quite some time. They find their remains and put them to rest in the family crypt within Death House.

Rose & Thorn

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