Lady Wachter

Noblewoman in Vallaki


Lady Fiona Wachter makes no secret of her family’s long-standing loyalty to the von Zarovich line. She believes that Strahd von Zarovich is no tyrant but, at worst, a negligent landlord. She would happily serve Strahd as burgonmaster of Vallaki, but she knows that Baron Vargas Vallakovich won’t give up his birthright without a fight.


  • Employs Ernst Larnak, her spy.
  • Attempted to hire the characters to help her overthrow Vallakovich, but found out their opposition towards Strahd and dismissed them.
  • The group met two of her sons: Nikolai and Karl
  • Wanted in Vallaki for the murder of Izek Strazni

Lady Wachter

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