Lady Morwen

Duchess of Daggerford


Lady Morwen’s brown hair has gone prematurely white, but her face looks younger than her forty-odd years. She often wears leathers or even heavier armor as she does the finery appropriate to her station.


Duke Maldwyn’s older sister, Lady Morwen, is a stern and serious woman, less outwardly amiable but more noble at heart than her selfish brother. Few people in Daggerford know her well, though she often trains alongside the militia and pays visits to the shrine of Tempus.

Those who have seen beneath her gruff exterior, however, became convinced that she was a born leader who would be a far better ruler than Duke Maldwyn. Though Morwen would never said so herself, she and many others felt that the time had long since passed for Daggerford to abandon the outmoded convention of passing the title only through the male line and allow Morwen to take her brother’s place.

Recognizing her competence, and perhaps seeking to keep her from agitating for his title, Maldwyn appointed Morwen his Master of Arms, a title which effectively gave her military command of the castle. This did not keep Morwen content for long.

In 1486 DR she officially became the Duchess of Daggerford, inheriting the title from her brother when the practice of primogeniture was finally suspended.

She has since then employed the aid of the adventurers. She considers them her allies and friends.

Lady Morwen

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