Kasimir Velikov

Dusk Elf leader


Kasimir’s Dusk-Elf race bears striking similarities to Wood-Elves but with ashen colored skin.


Kasimir, a mutiliated and grief-stricken dusk elf, has been trapped in Barovia for centuries. His people were on the verge of being annihilated by Strahd’s armies when they surrendered. Strahd left the few survivors to the mercy of the Vistani, who bore them to the valley of Barovia, where they have lived ever since. During the conflict all female elves were slaughtered and now only male survivors remain, leaving the them unable to reproduce and sustain their race. Kasimir became the leader for the remaining elves under Vistani control.

Not one to press the issue, he hopes to outlive the present leadership and see a return to the old ways.

Kasimir has told the adventurers of a place called the Amber Temple. He has been spying on the temple for years, but needs adventurers to help him survive its perils. He thinks that the secret to breaking Strahd’s pact and freeing Barovia from its curse might be hidden there.

Kasimir Velikov

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