Izek Strazni

Vallaki's burgonmaster henchman (Deceased)


Izek and his sister were born in Vallaki. One morning, their father and their uncle took them fishing on Lake Zarovich. On the way back to town, a dire wolf attacked Izek and bit off his right arm. His father carried Izek back to town while his uncle distracted the beast. His sister ran and hid in the woods and was never seen again.

After some time, Izek forgot his sister and learned to live with his disability. He became a sociopath. As young child other children mocked him because of his arm, but due to his large size he had no problem killing them and disposing of their bodies. He was eventually caught and brought to the burgonmaster. Instead of punishing the boy for his crimes, Baron Vallakovich pardoned Izek and took him into his home. Izek has been loyal to the burgonmaster ever since, enjoying the power of his position and enforcing the burgonmaster’s will. Izek drinks copious amounts of wine.

  • After kidnapping and almost raping Ireena, Izek was captured and killed by the group. His body was dumped by Lady Watcher’s to create conflict between her and the town’s burgonmaster, who she wishes to overthrow.

Izek Strazni

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