Barovia's local priest (Morninglord)


Human, Acolyte
Priest of the Morninglord


Donavich is the local priest to the village of Barovia. He resides in the village church with his son Doru, now a Vampire spawn.

A little more than a year ago, twenty-year-old Doru and several other villagers stroned Castle Ravenloft in revolt, having benn lured there by a wizard in black robes who came to Barovia from a faraway land. By all accounts, the wizard died by Strahd’s hand, and so too did Doru, who returned to his father as a vampire spawn. Donavich was able to trap his son in a church’s undercroft, where he remains to this day.

Doru hasn’t been fed since he was imprisoned, and he cries out to his father at all hours. Donavich prays day and night, hoping the gods will tell him how to save Doru without destroying him.


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