Baron & Baroness Vallakovich

Burgonmaster family of Vallaki


Human, Noble


Baron Vargas Vallakovich is aruthless hell who prides himself on his good breeding and finely honed leadership skills. He stages repeated celebrations to foster happiness, and his “All will be well!” catchphrase has become a sad and tiresome punchline.

Baroness Lydia Petrovna has embraced her husband’s philosophy of happiness. She laughs at the baron’s every comment, to the extent that it has become a nervous reflex, and she tries to spread good cheer by throwing daily tea-and-sandwich parties in the parlor for her “dearest friends,” many of them poor folk who tolerate the baroness only because they crave something warm to eat and drink. She is a gods-fearing woman and younger sister to the town priest, Father Lucian Petrovich.

The Baron has started arresting local malcontents and throwing them in the stocks so that that his efforts aren’t ruined by “those of little hope or faith.”

  • The group offered to help the Baron plan his next upcoming festivity.
  • The party found a secret chamber int he baron’s attic with dolls and a teleportation circle.
  • After her disapearance, Ireena was found in Izek’s room at the mansion.

Baron & Baroness Vallakovich

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