Curse of Strahd

Vampires in Vallaki?

Vallaki vampire investigation

Marpenoth 3, 1489DR – Leafall (October)


The following morning the group headed towards the home they saw the vampires enter the previous night. After clearing the surrounding area there entered the home through the back door.

The home was dark and musky, some furniture items seemed out of place, as if there might have been a struggle. The party heads towards the basement and they encounter an ungodly sight: Kneeling over an altar, holding a very dead body, are three robed figures. A battle ensues and soon a Vampire Spawn joins from the shadows.

The party triumphs and they investigate the rest of the basement. They take a closer look at the body and find it to be a older man, scarred with unholy symbols, and missing several organs. They also find a letter in the robes of one of robed men:

My faithful servants, I hope you have all needed resources for our shared endeavor. I look forward to hearing of your progress.



The party moves their search to the second floor of the house. The last bedroom down the hallway contains signs of violence and struggle. The window has been broken in, with shattered glass littering the floor. There are drops of blood on the wood, and the bed sheets appeared to have been dragged towards the broken window. There is a lone pink slipper on the floor. The room appears to have been occupied by a young woman, who is now missing, presumably kidnapped.

Assuming the mysterious “W” is probably Lady Wachter, the party heads towards her estate.

They find guards surrounding the mansion, access closed off to all citizens. When they question one of the guards he tells the group that Lady Wachter is wanted for murder, but no one can find her.

The burgonmaster has ordered the search of her home in hopes of finding her whereabouts. No one is granted access inside except for Makaelis, who was able to bluff his way into being an “investigator.”

Makaelis enters the home and investigates the basement, where he find an assortment of bones, ritual books, incantations, glyphs, and other treasures. He also finds an ornate letter addressed to Lady Wachter:

My dear Lady Wachter,


How pleased I have become with your work. Your reward is soon to come. I bid you dine at my castle to further discuss matters. It will be a grand event.


Your Lord,

Strahd von Zarovich

Due to his sticky hands, Makaelis briefly suffers the appearance of an unseemly Third Eye on his forehead, but it would disappear after his next rest.


The group now returns to the burgonmaster’s mansion hoping to capitalize on the present chaos. He is beside himself with anger. With the festival so close at hand, Lady Wachter on the loose, and his right hand man dead, Baron Vallakovich will need all the help he can get. He agrees to deputize the party and sends them on their way. He wants his festival to succeed and the murderess caught!

The group returns to St. Andral to check up on Ireena and to speak to Father Lucian in case he can offer further assistance.


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