Curse of Strahd

The "Bards" Request

Party visits Rictavio's tower and Vistani camp near vallaki

Marpenoth 4, 1489DR – Leafall (October), Wednesday


While investigating the second floor of Wachterhouse the group makes two gruesome discoveries.

Lying under a Gentle Repose spell, within the locked master bedroom, is a presumably dead Lord Wachter. The spell upon him makes it seem as if he is merely asleep, probably placed on his body shortly after his death, and unknown to everyone except Lady Wachter.

Also found within the master bedroom is a locked, and trapped, chest containing an ancient set of bones. Father Lucian later tells the group they probably belonged to an old enemy of House Wachter. His bones kept in order to keep anyone from raising them from the dead.

Locked inside another nearby room is Lady Wachter’s daughter, Stella, in her late teens to early twenties. It becomes painfully obvious that the young woman suffers from severe mental instability; she repeatedly tells the group she is a cat. Unable to help the poor girl the group closes the door behind them and leave Wachterhouse to rest for the night, having been unable to find further evidence of Lady Wachter’s doings or whereabouts – although the party is pretty sure she has gone to visit Castle Ravenloft.

Marpenoth 5, 1489DR – Leafall (October), Thursday


Before setting off to their meeting with Rictavio, the party goes to fetch Astor at the Blue Water Inn. An early riser, and early drinker, Astor is making warm conversation with the inn owner Urwin Martikov. Astor has agreed to look into Urwin’s wine problems. Urwin claims the wine shipments have stopped for weeks now, and his stock is running dangerously low. It seems the Wizard of Wines winery will have to be investigated at some point…


The party arrives at Rictavio’s tower residence. “Rictavio” reveals himself to be Rudolph van Richten. He is a famous vampire hunter back in Faerun – Dale has heard many tales of his exploits, and his thoroughness.

Van Richten also wants to destroy Strahd, but he firmly believes that the Vistani are his servants and must be eliminated. In exchange for assistance defeating Strahd, and information on the Barovia werewolf den, van Richten wants the party to help him attack and destroy the men of the Vistani encampment. He will not harm women or children.

The group decides they will not agree to help the old hunter unless they’ve looked into this camp themselves.

Before setting off for the encampment they are attacked by rogue Vistani. They manage to capture one and bring him back to the tower for questioning. There seems to be some truth to van Richten’s theory; Vistani appear to be working “for the master.”

When the captured Vistani hears of the group’s plans to investigate and attack the nearby camp, he offers information on a missing young girl, daughter to one of the Vistani leaders. He suggests that finding the girl may provide a less violent resolution to the problem. The group considers this and make their way to the camp.


Before reaching the camp the party passes by Lake Zarovich. They spot a lone boat on the lake with a fisherman and a squirming sack. Suspicious, the party grabs some boats and goes to investigate the scene.

As they approach the small vessel they see the man throw the moving sack overboard. It is the size of a small person. After quick action Dale and Master Do manage to pull the sack from the water. A young girl, Arabelle, is found bound within. This is probably the daughter of the Vistani leader the captured man mentioned before.

The fisherman is in a sort of trance. He does not acknowledge the others and continues to speak to himself about “offerings for the fish.” They seize him and take him back to the Vistani camp, along with the rescued young girl.

Once at the Vistani camp, Luvash, the young girl’s father and Vistani leader takes her up in her arms and begins to weep. He promises to offer safe passage through the camp and guest rights to the group. He orders a celebration feast and invites the group to stay.

Walking around the camp the party notices that aside from the usual Vistani wagons, are elven homes. Outside the homes are elven male guards. When questioned they all direct them to the home of their leader, Kasimir. (Arannis bears a strong resemblance to these elves)

Kasimir tells the group that his people are being held prisoner by the Vistani. He would like nothing more than to defeat Strahd and free his fellow elves, but he has been unable to escape or fight back due to lack of numbers.

There seems to be a lot left unsaid, but the party manages to smuggle Kasimir out of the camp. They will take him back to van Richten’s tower and discuss their next potential move. There are many angles to this story.


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