Curse of Strahd

The Amber Sarcophagi

Destroying the dark powers

Marpenoth 15, 1489DR – Leafall (October), Saturday

After discovering a sizable treasure trove the party continues their exploration of the Amber Temple. They arrive at a room with six wooden crates and three amber sarcophagi along the rooms corner alcoves.

The crates contain hidden vampire spawn, but those are quickly disposed of. Once the room settles, Kasimir (the dusk elf leader) walks towards one of the amber structures and places his hand on it. He closes his eyes and stands there for some seconds. He then removes his hand from the sarcophagi, turns to the group, and says “I have found what I was looking for. My search here is done.”

Naturally, the party now has a lot of questions concerning what just happened. What are these amber structures and what did Kasimir gain?

Kasimir explains that within each amber sarcophagi are trapped spirits of power. These will attempt to enter into some sort of pact with the being who engages them. Each sarcophagi spirit will offer a different deal, but Kasimir warns that these deals come at a great price. He himself knew what to look for, so he faced no fear of threat.

Arannis moves closer to one of the sarcophagi and he sees within it a small black sliver in the center of the structure. Great evil emanates from it.

Makaelis and Master Do find the possibility of hidden knowledge tempting. They argue with the group that by touching these sarcophagi they may learn what power Strahd has gained without entering into a pact themselves, as the pact must be entered into freely and conscientiously.

Dale, however, will not tolerate the sarcophagi remain one moment longer. He immediately moves to destroy the structures while the group looks on. As he destroys each vessel of amber the spirits within rise and dissipate into the air.

When the last of the sarcophagi in the room is destroyed a man enters and gives a shriek of horror.

“What have you DONE?! You have destroyed all hope for my Master!”

This man shares a similar appearance to Kasimir, although richly dressed. Kasimir’s face twists in repulse as he turns toward the man and unsheathes his weapon.

“Who are you?” Dale asks.

The man looks around the room and considers the odd. He quickly chants under his breath and teleports towards the room’s exit. The group takes this as a sign of an enemy and pursues the stranger. The man doesn't get very far before he falls to party’s blows.

Kasimir walks slowly towards the dead man. He spits on the body and kicks it several times before withdrawing calmly towards the group. He informs the party that there are 18 more sarcophagi within the temple. After searching the dead stranger’s body the group moves to finish destroying the remaining sarcophagi.

After the last sarcophagi is taken down the air around the temple changes. Darkness moves within the halls and the party hears a deep laughter echo against the stone walls. As they turn around to find the source of the laughter they see a tall, elegant, richly dressed man standing at the other end of the hallway. They recognize him from the art and coins they have seen in their travels. It is Strahd.

Strahd send a blast of energy towards the party but their hearty nature withstands the force. Strahd looks amused and surprised. He gives them a slow smile and then is gone before their eyes. They are now quite alone in the cold and dark mountain temple. It is also now night…


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