Curse of Strahd

Dusk Elves freed from Vistani!

Marpenoth 5, 1489DR – Leafall (October), Thursday

After leaving the Vistani encampment near Vallaki, the group heads back to Van Richten’s tower where Kasimir and the rest of their group awaits. It is decided that the group will help Van Richten attack the Vistani encampment and help free the few Dusk Elves that remain.

Kasimir also reveals to Arannis that he is, in fact, a Dusk Elf. His parents were fortunate to survive the initial slaughter of their people, but were soon discovered after Arannis’ birth. An elder Vistana offered to help take the child to safety. Arannis’ parent died trying to help them escape notice.

The group waits until dark, hoping for most of the Vistani to be too drunk and tired to expect an attack. They take with them the Vistani prisoner they captured earlier and tell him to help get the women and children out of Barovia safely in exchange for his own life. He agrees and leads the party unseen to the encampment.


Luvash and Arrigal, the Vistani leaders, are defeated and the camp secured. Kasimir decides to stay with his people for now to help them settle, but he will join our adventurers once they decide to travel towards the Amber Temple, a place he says holds great power to help them defeat Strahd.

After the successful attack they all head back to the tower and as promised Van Richten reveals the location of the werewolf den. It found east of his tower. He will not, however, give them the sunsword, but will join the group with sword in tow once they decide to conduct an assault on Castle Ravenloft. For now, he will keep the sword safe until it is needed.

They retire for the night.


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